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Laser Module Arduino Compatible

Arduino Compatible ARD2 Laser Module


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This 5V laser head is ideal for applications such as a controllable laser pointer, theft detection, etc. It has many interesting possible applications.

WARNING: Do not point this laser at a person’s eyes. The laser is not a
toy - keep away from children and people who do not understand the use of
the laser characteristics. Misuse of the laser can easily lead to injury. Always
wear protective goggles when using lasers; for the invisible laser, this point is
particularly important. The laser must not be pointed at cars, aircraft and other
transport vehicles.

Test Code

void setup () {
pinMode(13, OUTPUT); // define the digital output interface 13 feet

void loop () {
digitalWrite(13, HIGH); // open the laser head
delay(1000); // delay one second
digitalWrite(13, LOW); // turn off the laser head
delay(1000); // delay one second


Laser type

Dot laser

Operating Voltage






Outer Diameter



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Laser Module Arduino Compatible



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