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Magnetic Field Reed Switch Sensor Arduino Compatible

Arduino Compatible ARD2 Magnetic Field Reed Switch Sensor


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This Magnetic Field Reed Switch Sensor stays open until it detects a magnetic field, causing it to close. It's sensitive up to a 5cm radius. Perfect for applications such as magnetic detection, position detection and more.


  • Normally open reed switch
  • Single output instruction
  • Output valid signal is low
  • Effective sensing distance up to 5cm (with field strength)
  • High sensitivity magnetic sensors
  • Output switch circuit board can be directly connected to the microcontroller I/O port
  • Ideal for magnetic detection & position detection
  • Comparator output signal is clean, the waveform, driving ability more than 15mA
  • Digital switching outputs (0 and 1)
  • Fixed bolt hole for easy installation
  • Small board size
  • Wide voltage LM393 comparator


Operating Voltage

3.3V - 5V


PCB Length (mm)


PCB Width (mm)



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Magnetic Field Reed Switch Sensor Arduino Compatible



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