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Picaxe Ultimate Experimenter Board - USB Cable

Photo of a Picaxe Ultimate Experimenter Board with a USB cable.


1 $139.95


This PICAXE Experimenter Kit is a very versatile bundle for anyone eager to get started experimenting with PICAXE right away. The kit comes with a PICAXE-18M2, but the open design let's you use any of the PICAXE chips, sold separately.

The board is supplied fully assembled with:

  • 3 LED indicator outputs.
  • 3 Digital switch inputs.
  • LDR and preset resistor analogue inputs.
  • DS18B20 digital temperature sensor
  • Infra red sensor
  • LED output
  • Keyboard connector
  • Serial (inverted and true (MAX202 buffered))
  • RS232 connectors
  • Sockets for I2C and SPI memory chips (sold seperately)
  • Socket and battery connector position for DS1307 Real Time Clock(sold seperately)

The board can be powered via batteries (battery box included), or an external power supply (sold separately), and the board has onboard regulated power supply, with LED power indicator.

The kit includes this board and a CD with all software needed. All extra you need to get started, is a computer, and batteries or a power supply.


  • Support for all PICAXE microcontrollers.
  • Includes a PICAXE 18M2
  • 3 Indicator LEDs
  • Large incorporated Breadboard
  • Expandable Memory
  • USB Data cable


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Picaxe Ultimate Experimenter Board - USB Cable



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