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Gertboard I/O Board suit Raspberry Pi GPIO B+

Gertboard I/O Board suit Raspberry Pi GPIO B+


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The Gertboard board is an add-on GPIO expansion board designed to plug on to your Raspberry Pi via the GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) connector. The Gertboard has a large variety of components, including push button switches, LEDs, A/D and D/A converters, a motor controller and an Atmel AVR microcontroller. The various functional blocks on this board have lots of pin headers to allow interconnection of the blocks in a myriad of different ways. This is the major benefit of this board, it can be configured to do so many different functions. You just need to use your imagination and make it happen!


  • Plugs directly into the Raspberry Pi Model B or B+ GPIO socket
  • 12 Buffered I/O
  • Motor controller
  • 3 momentary push button switches
  • 28-pin DIL ATmega microcontroller
  • 6 open-collector driver outputs
  • 12 LED indicators
  • 2 Channel, 8,10 or 12 bit D/A (Digital to Analogue) converter
  • 2 Channel 10 bit A/D (Analogue to Digital) converter
  • Easy to program in Python, Scratch and C
  • Lots of test programs written in C and Python, freely available

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Gertboard I/O Board suit Raspberry Pi GPIO B+



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