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Microwave Sensor Solar LED Street Light

Microwave Sensor Solar LED Street Light

$1235.00 - $4229.00


The ENSA™ SSL-B series Microwave Sensor Solar LED Street Light offers effective outdoor lighting with motion-activated, solar-charged LED lights. These pole-mounted lights feature easy installation and have a wide 145° beam angle in cool white, providing ample coverage.

The lights have an adjustable motion sensor which you can program to remain on continuously from dusk to dawn or activate only when motion is detected. The solar panel unit comes with a 20W, 30W, 50W, or 60W motion-activated LED street light and a rechargeable LiFePo₄ battery.

These lights are completely self-sufficient and do not require any external cabling. This makes them perfect for distant settings such as country roads, building sites, and power stations. Additionally, they are suitable for general use in streets, parks, schools, farms, and various outdoor settings.

*Pole not included


  • Monocrystalline silicon solar panel with LiFePO4 internal battery
  • 5700K cool white colour temperature
  • Outstanding energy efficiency at >180lm/W performance
  • Up to 21% conversion rate monocrystalline solar panels
  • Dusk/dawn switch, motion sensing & on-time delay
  • Configure power output for different times of the day
  • 60° tilt-adjustable LED modules for lighting customization
  • Multiple days of use from full charge (sensor mode, overcast)
  • IP65 weather-rated with included bird guard (optional)
  • Motion activated solar powered street light


Luminous Efficacy


Colour Temperature


Beam Angle

145° x 75°

Rated LED Lifespan


LED Testing

LM80 / TM21 (available on request)

Light Bracket

Adjustable bracket angle -30° ~ 30°

Solar Panel Type

Monocrystalline silicon

Solar Panel Conversion Rate


Solar Panel Bracket

Adjustable bracket angle -60° ~ 60°

Rec. Install Height

5 ~ 7m

Motion Detection

Microwave motion sensor

Detection Range

Ø8 ~ 15m (height: 5 ~ 7m)

Light Mode Settings (Normal)

Mode time period / Brightness

Light Mode Settings (Morning)

Mode time period / Brightness

Light Mode Settings (Sensor)

Mode time period / Brightness on motion / On-time delay / Brightness after motion

Ingress Protection


Pole Diameter


Charging Temperature



3 Years

Full Range

Watts Light Output Input Voltage Product Code
20W 3900lm 12.8VDC SSL-B20MC
30W 5500lm 12.8VDC SSL-B30MC
50W 9400lm 12.8VDC SSL-B50MC
60W 11100lm 25.6VDC SSL-B60MC


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