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Tin Lead Solder - Pack of 6 - 35 Gram Roll 2% Flux




Our 6 Packs of Tin Lead Solder 35 Gram Rolls are the perfect solution for all your soldering needs. Its high-quality solder wire is designed for electrical and electronics applications, making it ideal for soldering circuit components and various electronic parts.

With a weight of approximately 35 grams per roll, it offers a generous amount for your soldering projects. The 2% flux content ensures smooth and efficient soldering, allowing for precise and reliable connections.

The solder wire has a diameter of approximately 1 or 1.5mm, providing versatility to suit different soldering requirements. Whether you're working on delicate electronic components or larger circuitry, this solder wire has you covered.

Crafted from high-quality tin and lead materials, this solder wire guarantees durability and long-lasting performance. Its melting point of approximately 255 degrees Celsius ensures optimal melting and bonding, making your soldering process hassle-free.

With its model number 63/37 Soldering Wire Roll, you can trust in its quality and compatibility with a wide range of soldering applications. The Tin Lead Solder 50 is synonymous with excellence, ensuring you receive a reliable and trusted product.

Upgrade your soldering arsenal with this Tin Lead Solder 50 Gram Roll. Experience the convenience, reliability, and precision it offers for all your electrical and electronics soldering projects. Order now and achieve professional-grade solder connections effortlessly.


Melting Point




Full Range

Diameter Product Code
1.0mm SD1047PK6
1.5mm SD1056PK6

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