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Microscope Biological Binocular Quad Objective LED Illuminated

MS1048A Microscope !


1 $495.00
3 $459.00


The Microscope Biological Binocular Quad Objective LED Illuminated is a high-quality microscope ideal for biological research and observation. This microscope features a binocular viewing head with adjustable interpupillary distance and diopter correction. This allows for comfortable viewing for extended periods of time. It is equipped with an integrated X-Y mechanical stage and supplied with an Abbe N.A. 1.25 condenser.

The Binocular Biological Microscope also features four objectives with magnifications of 40x - 1000x providing clear and detailed images at various levels of magnification. Additionally, the LED illumination system ensures bright and consistent lighting, allowing for accurate observations even in low-light conditions.

The microscope is constructed with durable materials and features fine-focusing controls for precise adjustments. Thus ensuring that researchers can capture accurate and detailed observations of biological samples.

You can use this microscope to observe biological slices, bacteria, and living tissue cultures, fluid precipitation & research, and observe other transparent or translucent objects, power, fine particles, and other objects. It is a versatile tool for use in research laboratories, medical facilities, educational institutions, and other settings requiring biological observation.


  • Magnification 40x -1000x
  • High-brightness LED
  • 360° head rotation
  • Abbe condenser
  • Mechanical Stage



Wide Field Plan WFlOX


Quadruple Nosepiece

lnterpupillary Distance

55mm - 75mm


LED Lamp lW, brightness adjustable

Power Supply

240 VAC to 5V lA Power Plug Pack


180 x 240 x 400mm


Gross Weight

7 kg

Net Weight

6 kg


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Microscope Biological Binocular Quad Objective LED Illuminated



1 $495.00
3 $459.00

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