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Picaxe 18X Datalogger

Picaxe 18X Datalogger


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The PICAXE-18X datalogger is an economical four-channel data logger based on the PICAXE-18X microcontroller. This microcontroller can be reprogrammed to perform many different types of logging experiments.

Logging can be carried out at regularly spaced intervals (typically 10 seconds to several hours), or an optional real-time-clock chip can be added to the data logger to ensure accurate logging intervals over long periods (once a week, once a month etc.)

Data is saved in an external memory chip. If desired you can upgrade this memory chip for increased memory capacity. An optional memory expansion board can also be used to greatly increase memory capacity.

Once the logging experiment is complete, data can be uploaded for analysis on a computer. Data can also be displayed (at the time of logging) on an optional liquid crystal display if desired.

Programming of the logging experiment is simplified by use of automated "Wizards". These Wizards generate the BASIC code to download to the PICAXE-18X microcontroller. Experienced users may also choose to write their own experiment BASIC code (or to modify the programs generated by the automated wizard).

Note: does not include data cable.


  • Free and easy to use software
  • Supports the PICAXE-18x
  • 4 logging channels
  • Can be upgraded to contain a real time clock and a serial LCD module
  • Small in size
  • Dedicated digital temperature sensor channel
  • Expandable i2c bus for additional EEPROM memory
  • Low power consumption


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Picaxe 18X Datalogger



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