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Edifier Bookshelf Speakers Pair

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Pair of Edifier Bookshelf Speakers, housed in 100% medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and resist resonance. This bookshelf speaker, which features 4" bass drivers and 34" silk-diaphragm tweeter drivers, delivers commanding sound with emotions and details. Furthermore, the pair of golden bass drivers add a splash of colour to your everyday sound. It also features dual stereo line-inports, with dynamic treble enhancement on port A. The bass and volume adjustment dials are at the back of this bookshelf speaker.


  • Housed in 100% medium-density fibreboard (MDF)
  • Built to resist resonance
  • 4” bass drivers and ¾” silk-diaphragm tweeter drivers
  • Dual stereo line-inports


Total Power Output

RMS 12W × 2 (DRC ON)



Input Sensitivity (PC)

700mV ± 50mV

Input Sensitivity (AUX)

550mV ± 50mV

Frequency Response

75Hz - 18kHz

Bass Unit

4" (116mm)

Treble Unit

1.5" (13mm)


Weight ( Approx)

5.1 kg

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Edifier Bookshelf Speakers Pair



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