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Electric Fence Capacitors 1200VDC

Electric Fence Capacitors 1200VDC jpg

$18.95 - $59.95


Electric Fence Capacitor  6.3 mm female spade terminals with wires.  These capacitors are ideal to use as the energy storage capacitor in electric fence energizers. The case material is polypropylene which has a UL94 rating of V2.

Both the case and the epoxy seal comply with the requirements of the glow wire test (at 850°C) in accordance with IEC 60695-2-10 and IEC 60695-2-11. It also has alcohol-resistant printing.




Rated Voltage


Pulse Rate

1 pulse/s max

Operating Temperature

-25° to +85°C

Case Size

30 x 71 mm


6.3 x 0.8 mm Double quick-connect terminals

Mounting Options


Safety Type


Life Expectancy

3 x 108 pulses


Metalized polypropylene film

Full Range

Capacitance Case Size I²T rating [A²s] Product Code
6uF 30 x 71 mm 1.5 CC4806
7.5uF 30 x 71 mm 1.5 CC4807.5
8uF 30 x 71 mm 1.5 CC4808
10uF 40 x 71 mm 11.7 CC4810
12uF 35 x 71 mm 3 CC4812
15uF 45 x 71 mm 17.2 CC4815
18uF 40 x 71 mm 10 CC4818
20uF 40 x 71 mm 6.8 CC4820
25uF 45 x 71 mm 12.5 CC4825
30uF 45 x 71 mm 15.4 CC4830
30uF (with leads) 45 x 73 mm CC4830L
40uF 45 x 91 mm 20 CC4840
50uF 45 x 91 mm 25 CC4850

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