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Tantalum Capacitor Resin Dipped Case

Tantalum Resin Dipped Capacitors

$0.40 - $4.95


Tantalum capacitor - low leakage, temperature, and time stable. They have high capacitance for the size of the package.
N.B. Tantalums are polarity sensitive and may explode if wired incorrectly.


Operating Temperature

-55°C ~ +85°C

Capacitance Tolerance

± 20%

DC Leakage Current

(0.008xCxV) or 0.05 (µA), whichever is greater

Full Range

Value Voltage Lead Spacing Product Code
0.1uF 35V 5mm CC7010
0.22uF 35V 5mm CC7020
0.33uF 35V 5mm CC7025
0.47uF 35V 5mm CC7030
0.68uF 35V 2.5mm CC7035
1uF 35V 5mm CC7041
2.2uF 35V 2.5mm CC7046
2.2uF 35V - 5mm L.S 5mm CC7047
3.3uF 25V 2.5mm CC7051
4.7uF 16V 2.5mm CC7055
4.7uF 25V 2.5mm CC7056
4.7uF 25V - 5mm L.S 5mm CC7056-5MM
4.7uF 35V 5mm CC7057
6.8uF 25V 2.5mm CC7060
10uF 16V 5mm CC7065
10uF 25V 5mm CC7066
15uF 16V 5mm CC7070
22uF 16V 5mm CC7076
33uF 16V 2.5mm CC7080
47uF 6.3V 5mm CC7085
47uF 16V 5mm CC7086
68uF 6V 5mm CC7088
100uF 16V 5mm CC7090

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