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50V Disc Ceramic Capacitors

Disc Ceramic Capacitors 50Volt

$0.20 - $0.33


These 50V disc ceramic capacitors feature low inductance and high capacitance per volume. Suitable for RF use, filters, coupling, and decoupling applications.

Full Range

Value Product Code
1.0pF CC0101
1.5pF CC0103
2.0pF CC0105
2.7pF CC0106
3.0pF CC0107
4.0pF CC0108
5.0pF CC0109
6.0pF CC0110
7.0pF CC0111
8.0pF CC0112
10pF CC0113
12pF CC0114
15pF CC0115
18pF CC0116
22pF CC0117
27pF CC0118
33pF CC0119
39pF CC0120
47pF CC0121
56pF CC0122
68pF CC0123
82pF CC0124
100pF CC0125
120pF CC0126
150pF CC0127
180pF CC0128
220pF CC0129
270pF CC0130
330pF CC0131
390pF CC0132
470pF CC0133
560pF CC0134
680pF CC0135
820pF CC0136
.001uF CC0137
.0015uF CC0139
.0022uF CC0141
.0027uF CC0142
.0033uF CC0143
.0039uF CC0144
.0047uF CC0145
.0068uF CC0147
.01uF CC0149
.022uF CC0153
.033uF CC0155
.047uF CC0157
0.1uF CC0161

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