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Data/Signal Line Lightning Surge Protector 289PN Series

Data/Signal Line Lightning Surge Protector 289PN Series jpg



Data/Signal Line Lightning Surge Protector 289PN Series. These are lighting and transient surge protection devices. They are specifically designed to protect equipment connected to Data and Small Signal sensors & Control lines, with low working voltages.

The device is particularly useful in industrial control applications when the sensors or the controlled equipment is located remotely from the controller.

To maximize equipment protection, choose the device with the closest working voltage rating above the actual working voltage.


  • Provides equipment with fast and efficient protection against lightning induced and other transient surges, protects both AC and DC lines
  • Suppression of 1.2/50μS, 8/20μS and 1.2/50μS-8/20μS combination transient waveforms
  • A range of working voltages available
  • Suitable for use with 4-20mA Signal lines and with RS-422 and RS-485 Data lines
  • Automatic clamping of line-to-line and line-to-ground transients
  • Low insertion loss
  • Once activated, the surge protector device will not fault the line or interrupt the line from service
  • Modular construction, with integral din rail mounting


Response Time


Peak Power Dissipation


Peak Power Dissipation


Series Resistance

< 0.25 ohms








Full Range

Working Voltage Product Code
12V FI289PN12
15V FI289PN15
18V FI289PN18
20V FI289PN20
24V FI289PN24
30V FI289PN30


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