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Vacuum Desiccator


$78.42 - $319.00



This Vacuum Desiccator with stopcock has a clear polycarbonate top. You can also select either a clear polycarbonate base or a white polpropylene base.

These desiccators preserve moisture-sensitive items. It can also completely dry out a nearly dry sample. They feature a knurled knob to make the top easy to handle and a hole on the side of the lid for a stopcock.


  • Knurled knob on top for easy handling
  • Includes stopcock


Top Material


Full Range

Diameter Base Material Product Code
150mm Polycarbonate LP1354PC-150
150mm Polypropylene LP1354PP-150
200mm Polycarbonate LP1354PC-200
200mm Polypropylene LP1354PP-200
250mm Polycarbonate LP1354PC-250
250mm Polypropylene LP1354PP-250
300mm Polycarbonate LP1354PC-300
300mm Polypropylene LP1354PP-300

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