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Enamel Copper Wire

Enamel Copper Wire

$6.95 - $49.95



Enamel Copper Wire for the construction of electromagnets and featuring a very thin layer of insulation. You can wrap it tightly around an object to form an electromagnet. You can also use it to make a motor, a solenoid, or any other magnet-powered piece of machinery.

Full Range

Diameter/Gauge Roll Size Product Code
0.20mm / 36 SWG 100g CB2620
0.20mm / 36 SWG 500g CB2623
0.25mm / 33 SWG 25g CB2625
0.25mm / 33 SWG 100g CB2630
0.32mm / 28 SWG 500g CB2636
0.40mm / 27 SWG 25g CB2650
0.40mm / 27 SWG 100g CB2655
0.40mm / 27 SWG 500g CB2656
0.50mm / 25 SWG 100g CB2660
0.50mm / 25 SWG 500g CB2661
0.63mm / 23 SWG 100g CB2665
0.63mm / 23 SWG 500g CB2666
0.71mm / 22 SWG 100g CB2667
0.71mm / 22 SWG 500g CB2668
0.80mm / 20 SWG 100g CB2669
0.80mm / 20 SWG 500g CB2669-500
1.00mm / 19 SWG 100g CB2670
1.00mm / 19 SWG 500g CB2671
1.25mm / 16 SWG 100g CB2679
1.25mm / 16 SWG 500g CB2673


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