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Water Quality Tester 5 in 1 - TDS / EC / PH / Salinity / Temp

Water Quality Meter 5 in 1


1 $89.95
3 $82.00


This remarkable 5 in 1 water quality tester can measure TDS, EC, pH, Salinity and Temperature. A small and lightweight device with backlight function. IP 67 waterproof grade. It has low power consumption and will shutdown automatically after 5 minutes. Also comes with pH Buffer Powder sachets.


  • Low power consumption with automatic shutdown
  • Backlight
  • Multifunctional measures pH, TDS, EC, and salinity values


pH Range

0.01 - 14.00 pH

Temperature Range

0.1-60.0 °C (32.0 - 140 °F)

TDS Range

0-1000 ppm, 1000ppm - 10000ppm, 10.1-200.0ppt

EC Range

0-10000 uS/cm, 10.01-19.99 ms, 20.1-400mS/CM


0.00 ~ 25.00%, 10.1-200.0 ppt

IP Rating



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Water Quality Tester 5 in 1 - TDS / EC / PH / Salinity / Temp



1 $89.95
3 $82.00

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