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Banana Plug Test Lead - 4mm, Stackable

LE5410 Web Group photo

$2.75 - $7.95


Quality 4mm banana plug test lead made from super flexible .75mm² cable. For the cost of the two stacking plugs you can now have a pre-made lead!

ElectroTech Instruments, 4mm Banana Plug Test Leads are crafted with a highly flexible Silicone 1.0mm² Cable.

The cable has an O.D. of 3.8mm

This Double Ended Test Lead is designed for ultimate versatility, featuring a Stackable 4mm Banana Plug-Socket on each end.


4mm test leads are a versatile tool designed and commonly used in educational applications. These applications encompass the areas of electronic, electrical and physics, where they are primarily used to provide connectivity between test and measurement equipment.

Lab Experiments: 4mm test leads often use in conducting experiments and gathering data in fields such as physics, electrical and electronics.

Commonly used with Power Supply’s, in practical demonstrations and in a range of experiments.

4mm test leads are also frequently used with multimeters for measuring voltage, current, and resistance in electrical circuits.

Electronics Prototyping: When building electronic prototypes or DIY projects, 4mm test leads help connect components on a range of testing platforms.

Electrical Demonstrations and experiments commonly use 4mm test leads for connectivity when exploring electrical principles like, power factor, inductance, capacitance, phase angles, etc..

Due to their feature including high flexibility, insulation properties, current carrying capacity, robustness and more, EletroTech Instruments, 4mm Banana Plug Test Leads find widespread applications making them an indispensable tool.


Test Connector Type A

4mm Banana Stacking Plug

Test Connector Type B

4mm Banana Stacking Plug


30VAC / 60 VDC @ 12A

Full Range

Size Colour Product Code
10cm Black LE5410BLK
10cm Blue LE5410BLU
10cm Green LE5410GRN
10cm Red LE5410RED
10cm Yellow LE5410YLW
25cm Black LE5425BLK
25cm Blue LE5425BLU
25cm Green LE5425GRN
25cm Red LE5425RED
25cm White LE5425WHT
25cm Yellow LE5425YLW
50cm Black LE5450BLK
50cm Blue LE5450BLU
50cm Green LE5450GRN
50cm Red LE5450RED
50cm White LE5450WHT
50cm Yellow LE5450YLW
100cm Black LE54100BLK
100cm Blue LE54100BLU
100cm Green LE54100GRN
100cm Red LE54100RED
100cm White LE54100WHT
100cm Yellow LE54100YLW


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