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As per updated Government advice, the Alfredton store will reopen Thursday the 23rd of September.

The store will stay open on the Friday before the AFL Grand Final public holiday, on the 24th of September.

While lockdowns remain, Melbourne residents and residents of regional locations currently under lockdown must not visit the store. Please instead order for delivery online or by email at

When visiting the store you will be required to show identification to staff to confirm you are not from an area under lockdown.

LED Strobe Light with magnetic base 12/24VDC High Powered **OFF ROAD ONLY



1 $129.00
5 $115.95
10 $102.95


Keeping your vehicle safe on the site or drawing attention to an event - whatever your purpose - this LED Strobe Light with magnetic base is versatile and easy to install. Two strong magnets keep it securely on your roof, and a curly cable to cigarette lighter plug ensures that you can power it without any special wiring. 24 high-power amber LEDs are inside the secure plastic case - 6 banks of 4 LEDs each to be exact.

There are ten different display patterns, so for your case, you can pick the most attention-grabbing one. Modes include clockwise/anti-clockwise rotation, in/out fade, side to side, and more. Two rubber legs on the bottom of the unit cover strong magnets and secure your paintwork. However, if you want it to be permanently mounted, they unscrew for a clean, flush mount.

The cigarette lighter plug includes an on/off switch with an LED power indicator and a switch to choose the display mode. Please be mindful of any local regulations for the use of exterior lighting on cars, on and off public roads.

Flash Patterns:

There are 10 available flash patterns.

  1. Rotating
  2. Burst, Fade In-Out/Solid, Fade In-Out
  3. Random
  4. Burst, Alternating (Side to Side)
  5. Burst, Alternating, Diagonal (Front to Back)
  6. Burst, Dual Rotating
  7. Burst Hold / Burst Side to Side
  8. Burst Hold / Single Hold
  9. Burst, Single Rotating
  10. Burst, Single Rotating

Note: Press pattern button 0.5 seconds for the next pattern.


Lighting Details

LED Power


LED Quantity

24 pc

Vehicle Lighting

Outdoor Light Type

Emergency Beacon

Vehicle or Vessel Powered

Required Voltage


Vehicle Connection

Cigarette Lighter

Lead Included

Lead Length

1 m

Vehicle Mounting

Mount Location



Easily Removable

Mount Method


Ingress Protection Rating

Dust/Particle Ingress Protection

5 - Dust protected, protected but some dust may enter

Liquid/Moisture Ingress Protection

6 - Powerful water jets

IP Rating




12 Months



62 mm


280 mm


165 mm


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LED Strobe Light with magnetic base 12/24VDC High Powered **OFF ROAD ONLY



1 $129.00
5 $115.95
10 $102.95

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