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Edison 'Edmat' Double-Sided Activity Mat

Edison \'Edmat\' Double-Sided Activity Mat - Front


1 $14.95


The Edison 'EdMat' is a robot activity mat in A1 size (59cm x 84cm) for use in the classroom and at home. Featuring 6 barcodes for programming your Edison Robot, as well as a large track for line following challenges or sumo wrestling.

Printed on paper and laminated to protect the mat. The mats are shipped in a hard cardboard tube in order to keep them protected.

The barcodes included on the map:

  • Sumo wrestle
  • Bounce in borders
  • Clap controlled driving
  • Line tracking
  • Avoid obstacles
  • Follow torch

Also available in a Tube of 5.

Note: We've replaced our old Edison 'EdMat' Activity Mat with this new and updated product – now with an added SumoMat side, which can be used for sumo wrestling, bouncing in borders, and line-tracking!

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Edison 'Edmat' Double-Sided Activity Mat



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