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Colour Recognition Sensor TCS230 Module Arduino Compatible

Photo of a TCS230 colour recognition sensor that is Arduino-compatible.


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TCS230 8-pin SOIC surface mount package, integrated on a single chip photodiode 64. These diodes are divided into four types, of which 16 photodiode with a red filter; 16 photodiodes with a green filter; 16 photodiodes with a blue filter; rest 16 without any filters, optical information can be all over. The photodiode chip is arranged in a cross, it is possible to minimize unevenness of the incident radiation, thereby increasing the accuracy of color identification; on the other hand, the same color of the photodiode 16 is connected in parallel, uniformly distributed the diode array, the position error can be eliminated color. Two programmable pins to dynamically select the desired filter. Typical output frequency range of the sensor from 2 Hz ~ 500 kHz, users can also choose two programmable pins to 100%, 20%, or 2% of the output scale factor, or power-off mode. The output scale factor can be adapted to different measurement ranges. For example, when using low frequency counters, you can select a small scaling value so that the output frequency and the counter TCS230 match.


  • Can be connected directly with microcontroller
  • Static detection of the measured object colour
  • Bright white LED lights




Input Voltage

3 - 5V DC

Output Frequency Voltage

0 - 5V

Best Detection Distance



PCB Length (mm)


PCB Width (mm)


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Colour Recognition Sensor TCS230 Module Arduino Compatible



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