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10W Audio Mono Amplifier Module TDA2030A 12VDC Arduino Compatible



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Photo of the top of an Arduino compatible TDA2030A mono 12VDC audio power amplifier module that is 6W 8Ohm.


TDA2030A audio amplifier circuit, using 4-pin single in-line pin (VCC : AUDIO IN : AUDIO GND : POWER GND). The integrated circuit is widely used in car stereo receiver tape recorders, medium-power audio equipment, with small size, large output power, low distortion and other characteristics. It also has an internal protection circuit. Uses 2pin screw terminal for Speaker Audio Output.


  • Onboard TDA2030A audio power amplifier chip

  • Mono 10W @ 4Ω /(5W @ 8Ω) power amplifier circuit design
  • Onboard 10 k adjustable resistance, can adjust the volume of the amplification

  • Onboard LED power light


Audio Output

10w @ 4Ω 5w @ 8Ω

Working Voltage

12 VDC


Board Length (mm)


Board Width (mm)



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