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As per updated Government advice, the Alfredton store has reopened as of Thursday the 23rd of September.

While lockdowns remain, Melbourne residents and residents of regional locations currently under lockdown must not visit the store. Please instead order for delivery online or by email at

When visiting the store you will be required to show identification to staff to confirm you are not from an area under lockdown.

PASport Pressure Sensors for Pasco

PS-2164 PASCO PASPort Quad Pressure Sensor

Each PASCO Pressure Sensor is a device for measuring the pressure of gases or liquids. They are used to control and monitor thousands of everyday applications and to indirectly measure other variables like fluid or gas flow.

Wiltronics offers a wide variety of PASCO Pressure Sensors for science and lab use. They may be categorized in terms of the pressure ranges they measure, the operating temperature levels, and most significantly, the amount of pressure they measure.

Check out our comprehensive range to cover all your needs.


**MultiMeasure PASport sensors provide multiple parameter readings while only occupying a single Port. All PASport Sensors are supplied with probes as pictured.

Note: Pasco equipment cannot be shipped outside Australia.

Contact for your region distributor: or toll-free phone: +1-800-772-8700


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