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Antenna Fly/Patch Leads and Adapters

Photo of an 150mm long SMA male right angle to SMA female antenna patch lead.

Antenna Fly/Patch Leads and Adapters are accessories to connect an antenna to a television, radio, or other devices. These accessories preserve signal quality and ensure the antenna is properly connected to the receiving device.

Antenna Fly/Patch Leads are short, high-quality cables that are used to connect an antenna to a television or other device. They are typically made of high-quality materials to ensure that the signal is transmitted with minimal loss. The most common type of Antenna Fly/Patch Lead is a coaxial cable, which is designed to transmit high-frequency signals.

Antenna Adapters are devices that connect an antenna to a television or other device when the two components have different types of connectors. They typically adapt an antenna with an F-type connector to a device with a BNC connector, or vice versa. Antenna Adapters are available in a variety of types and sizes, making it easy to find the right adapter for your needs.


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