F600 Bluetooth Gamepad







F600 Bluetooth Gamepad


This Bluetooth Gamepad is an excellent choice for wireless gaming, whether you're playing on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Bluetooth connectivity allows it to operate without latency up to 10 meters away from the gaming device. The gamepad features dual analog sticks, a directional pad and 14 buttons. When left idle, a smart power-saving sleep mode is activated, saving battery and letting you play for longer. This controller is also multiplayer-compatible for up to 4 gamepads.


  • Works up to 10 meters away from gaming device
  • Support multiplayer
  • All the standard inputs including analog sticks, D-pad and shoulder buttons
  • Power-saving sleep mode to save battery when left idle
  • Charges via included mini-USB cable
  • Includes Bluetooth USB dongle for connecting to non-Bluetooth devices

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