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Raspberry Pi Compute Module Development Kit

Raspberry Pi Compute Module Development Kit


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The compute module contains the guts of a Raspberry Pi (the BCM2835 processor and 512Mbyte of RAM) as well as a 4Gbyte eMMC Flash device (which is the equivalent of the SD card in the Pi). This is all integrated on to a small 67.6x30mm board which fits into a standard DDR2 SODIMM connector (the same type of connector as used for laptop memory*). The Flash memory is connected directly to the processor on the board, but the remaining processor interfaces are available to the user via the connector pins. You get the full flexibility of the BCM2835 SoC (which means that many more GPIOs and interfaces are available as compared to the Raspberry Pi), and designing the module into a custom system should be relatively straightforward as we put all the tricky bits onto the module itself.

So what you are seeing here is a Raspberry Pi shrunk down to fit on a SODIMM with on board memory, whose connectors you can customise for your own needs.

The Compute Module IO Board is a simple, open-source breakout board that you can plug a Compute Module into. It provides the necessary power to the module, and gives you the ability to program the Flash memory, access the processor interfaces in a slightly more friendly fashion (pin headers and flexi connectors, much like the Pi) and provides the necessary HDMI and USB connectors so that you have an entire system that can boot Raspbian (or the OS of your choice). This board provides both a starting template for those who want to design with the Compute Module, and a quick way to start experimenting with the hardware and building and testing a system before going to the expense of fabricating a custom board.

Compute Module IO Board
Multiple GPIO interfaces
1 x micro USB connector type B
1 x USB connector type A
2 x CSI ports for camera boards
2 x DSI ports for display boards
1 x Full size HDMI port

*But don't go plugging the Compute Module into your laptop the pins assignments aren't even remotely the same!


  • The flexibility of the BCM2835 SoC, making more GPIOs and interfaces available compared to the Raspberry Pi
  • Smaller form factor than Raspberry Pi
  • Great for embedding Raspberry Pi into systems or even commercial products
  • Flexible and rapid prototype development using IO board



BCM2835 SoC



Flash Storage


Connector Type

DDR2 SODIMM (200 pin edge connector)


Length (mm)


Width (mm)



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Raspberry Pi Compute Module Development Kit



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