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PASCO PASPort GPS Position Sensor (PS-2175)

PASPort GPS Position Sensor. PASCO PS-2175.

PASCO Products from this website are only available for sale in Australia.

If you are an Australian customer and would like pricing information, please contact us at or call (03) 5334 2513


This PASCO PASPort GPS Position Sensor PS-2175 collects GPS data simultaneously with other sensor measurements, automatically syncing the data to your latitude, longitude, altitude, and velocity. This sensor uses satellite triangulation to determine the position and velocity of the sensor in outdoor spaces. The highly sensitive receiver is capable of monitoring satellites even under tree canopies frequently found along rivers. The sensor provides latitude, longitude, horizontal speed, trail over the ground, altitude, and the number of satellites being monitored. The LED indicators inform the user if the GPS Position Sensor is currently processing position reports.

Features two modes:

Absolute Position Mode: Pinpoints your location in the world and reports the latitude and longitude within a resolution of 2 meters. Then this data can be imported into My World GIS software to overlay all your sensor data on maps or aerial photos.

Relative Position Mode: This special mode enables a higher resolution (0.2 meters) suitable for physics experiments involving bicycles or people running or walking. This mode is used for motion experiments in which the position in the world is not required.

NOTE: The PASCO PASPort sensors require one of the PASPort interfaces in order to use them.


  • Measures latitude and longitude, elevation, velocity (speed and bearing), and number of satellites tracked
  • Velocity is obtained by Doppler from the satellites, not by the calculation of position data
  • LED indicator indicates whether the GPS Position Sensor is able to triangulate its position.
  • Highly sensitive receiver can track satellites even under tree canopies
  • Analyse the motion and energy of large-scale moving objects (people, cars, skydivers, bicycles, boats etc.)
  • Provide spatial information for mapping other sensor data (temperature, water quality measurements etc.)


Position Accuracy

10 meters, 2D RMS; 5 meters, 2D RMS, WAAS enabled

Position Resolution

2 meters (full Latitude/Longitude mode); 0.2 meters (relative position mode)

Velocity Resolution

0.1 m/s

Time to First Fix (average)

42 sec (cold start); 38 sec (warm start); 1 sec (hot start)



Refresh Rate

Once per second


1 X PASPort GPS Position Sensor

1 X PASPort Sensor Extension Cable


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PASCO PASPort GPS Position Sensor (PS-2175)



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