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Makeblock Halocode Unit

Makeblock Halocode Unit 45mm Diameter jpg


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Makeblock Halocode is a single board computer with built-in Wi-Fi. Its compact design integrates a wide range of electronic modules for programming education. Halocode, along with the block-based programming software mBlock, provides a lot of opportunities to experience AI & IoT applications with just a few clicks. It makes creation simple and enjoyable.

Built-in Wi-Fi modules for everyday Creations.

Easy IoT applications by using mBlock software to connect to the Internet and create simple, smart home devices. Different Wi-Fi modules enable “wireless” or even “limitless” connections between multiple Halocodes, allowing for creative effects.

Support Al Speech Recognition.

Halocode makes AI speech recognition super easy to use. It features a microphone module and supporting mBlock-integrated Microsoft Cognitive Services. Students can learn how to use this cutting-edge technology by designing a fun, interactive playmate or a voice-activated device.

Coding made easy with multi-thread programming.

Halocode's powerful computing capabilities are enabled by 4MB of memory and an Xtensa dual-core 32-bit LX6 microprocessor. It allows multiple programs to run simultaneously and synchronize complex and diverse functions.

Scratch 3.0 Inspired Graphical Programming Language.

Coding with Scratch is as simple as stacking building bricks. It supports block-based programming, which makes coding simple and intuitive. All students have to do is drag and drop the colour-coded blocks. They can easily learn the fundamentals of coding and concentrate on the more important task of creating.

Move on to Python coding with a simple click.

you can effortlessly switch to Python coding with just a click in mBlock. Python code changes in sync with the coding blocks in real-time, allowing students to see how their programs look in Python mode. It also satisfies the needs of teachers for advanced teaching. Moreover, students can write code directly in mBlock 5's Python editor.

Learn Machine Learning Knowledge in an Easy Way.

Students can access machine learning through mBlock's integrated Google Machine Learning application in addition to using Microsoft Cognitive Services. Halocode provides all-around support for students' first experiences with artificial intelligence.


  • Built-in Wi-Fi modules for everyday Creations
  • Support AI Speech Recognition
  • Integrate various sensors for electronic projects
  • An easy way in Learning the Machine Learning Knowledge
  • Scratch 3.0 inspired graphical programming language
  • Move on to Python coding with a simple click
  • Easy coding




CPU Core

Xtensa dual-core 32-bit LX6 microprocessor

CPU Clock Speed

240MHz (X15)

Onboard Memory

Flash ROM: 440K (X1.7), RAM: 520K (X32.5)

Expanded Memory

SPI Flash: 4MB, PSRAM: 4MB

Onboard Components

12 RGB LED, Motion Sensor, Microphone, Button, 4 Touch Sensors ( I/O pins)

Operating Voltage



Net Weight




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Makeblock Halocode Unit



1 $69.95
5 $62.00

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