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Makeblock Neuron Creative Lab Kit

Makeblock Neuron Creative Lab Kit


1 $1055.00


The Makeblock Neuron Creative Lab Kit has more than 30 electronic building blocks. You can use these to create more than 100 interactive preset effects to easily build your own projects. This Creative Lab Kit gives children even more options for bringing their ideas to life.  And also, it gives educators a wide variety of ways to integrate practical learning, programming, AI, and IoT into their educational practices.

One of the key features of the Neuron Creative Lab Kit is it supports the Neuron app and mBlock. This allows children to explore the fun of programming in a multidisciplinary setting. Furthermore, the patented magnetic connector allows for quick and easy construction while also making the blocks durable.

WARNING CHOKING HAZARD: Small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Children to use only under adult’s supervision age. Alligator clip is sharp, please do not clip yourself with the funny switch or the clip of GND wire, it may hurt you.


  • Over 30 electronic building blocks to create more than 100 interactive preset effects.
  • Supports the Neuron app and mBlock
  • No Coding Experience Required
  • Supports AI, IoT, deep learning, and other complex functions





Battery Life

Up to 4h

Charging Time


Output Voltage


Input Voltage


Input Current



Bluetooth Specification


Frequency Band


DC Motor

Rated Speed


Rated Torque

Rated Current


Stall Current



Operating Voltage

4.8V ~ 6.0V

Idle Current


Limit Angle

180° ± 10°

Wireless Communication



1× Wi-Fi

1× Bluetooth

1× Wireless Transmitter

1× Wireless Receiver

1× Joystick

1× Button

1× Knob

1× Funny Touch

1× Light Sensor

1× Dual IR Detector

1× Ultrasonic Sensor

1× Colour Sensor

1× Gyro Sensor

1× Humiture Sensor

1× Temperature Sensor

1× Soil Moisture Sensor

1× Sound Sensor

1× PIR Sensor

1× Camera

1× Dual DC Motor Driver

1× Dual Servo Driver

1× LED Panel

1× RGB light

1× LED Strip Driver

1× EL Wire Driver

1× Buzzer

1× Mic & Speaker

1× Display

1× Laser Pointer

1× EL Wire

1× Temperature Probe

1× Water Pump

1× Funny Switch

1× Alligator Clip

1× GND Wire

1× USB Cable (100cm)

1× Water pipe

1× LED Strip

1× Soil Moisture Probe

2× Power

2× Servo Kit

2× DC Motor

2× USB Cable (20cm)

3× Magnet Wire (10cm)

3× Magnet Wire (20cm)

6× Gel Pad

9× Neuron Board

80× Rubber Band

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Makeblock Neuron Creative Lab Kit



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