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Makeblock Dragon Knight Kit

Makeblock Dragon Knight Kit jpg


1 $789.00


The Makeblock Dragon Knight robot is a brilliant four-legged robot that moves with great accuracy. It contains at least 50 mechanical parts and 8 servo motors that perform different actions and movements using the Bluetooth remote control with different modes selection.

It can walk forward and backward, do push-ups, and perform a variety of other exciting actions! When turned over, its legs turn as well, and it walks normally in accordance with the commands given. And what's more! it also has a built-in ultrasonic distance sensor that, if programmed, allows it to avoid obstacles.


The main structural material is made of high-strength 2mm aerospace aluminum sheet stamping. Combined with CNC precision machining, the structure is firm and tightly coupled. The high-temperature resistance reaches 500 degrees Celsius. Tensile strength greater than 250MPa; endurance greater than 172MPa; elongation less than 1.7%; and hardness greater than 70HB


Working Voltage


Control Mode

Manual or Automatic control

Power Supply

6 x AA batteries


Compatible with Arduino Programming and mBlock Graphical Programming

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Makeblock Dragon Knight Kit



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