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As per updated Government advice, the Alfredton store will reopen Thursday the 23rd of September.

The store will stay open on the Friday before the AFL Grand Final public holiday, on the 24th of September.

While lockdowns remain, Melbourne residents and residents of regional locations currently under lockdown must not visit the store. Please instead order for delivery online or by email at

When visiting the store you will be required to show identification to staff to confirm you are not from an area under lockdown.

Mosquito Zapper with 180 Lumen LED Lantern



1 $29.95
3 $26.95
6 $23.95


This Mosquito Zapper with 180 Lumen LED Lantern ensures a restful night's sleep. There is NOTHING more irritating than the sound of a mosquito hovering around your head in the dark at 2 a.m. You can do something about it now. This rechargeable electronic zapper measures 90 mm in diameter and 130 mm in height. It features a nifty double hook that can be mounted anywhere and weighs just 200 grams. The device also features a soft white light (3 light levels) that can work independently of the zapper.

The zapper can operate with or without the light. When switched on, the zapper has a discreet UV-style light that attracts bugs. The bugs are flying through the finger guard only to met with a high voltage grid that either kills them instantly or stuns them. Outcome? No more bugs around your head!

It gets better. You can charge the device by USB! It works for around 8 hours a charge, depending on the rate of insect-killing and the level of lighting. It's excellent either for camping or at home.

12 Month Warranty



Low: 30 Medium: 90 High: 180

Battery Life

Low Light: Up to 20 hours Medium Light: Up to 8 hours High Light: Up to 4 hours UV: Up to 30 hours



Input Power

5V @ 1A

Charge Time

3 - 4 hours

Battery Type

Lithium Polymer

Battery Voltage


Battery Capacity


Classified as dangerous goods

DG UN Number


DG Class


DG Pack Group

II - Medium Danger

DG Hazardous Chemical Code


DG Ship Name

3481 - Lithium-Ion Batteries Packed In Equipment

Battery Watt Hour Rating (Required for Lithium Batteries)




204 g


130 mm


90 mm


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Mosquito Zapper with 180 Lumen LED Lantern



1 $29.95
3 $26.95
6 $23.95

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