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Horizon Electrolyzer & Open Cathode Fuel Cell Bundle

Horizon Electrolyzer & Open Cathode Fuel Cell Bundle


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Reduced to clear! Limited stock available. Please call us on (03) 5334 2513 to confirm stock availability.

This bundle contains two complementary Horizon products, an Electrolyzer (FCSU-010) and and Open Cathode Fuel Cell (FCSU-012).

Electrolyzer from Horizon

The Electrolyzer from Horizon produces hydrogen and oxygen from water using an external power source (Solar or DC). Gases are produced and stored using specifically designed gas and water containers. It is sold with a small amount of gas tubing, a syringe and electrical lead.

Open Cathode H2/O Fuel Cell from Horizon

The Open Cathode H2/O Cell from Horizon converts Hydrogen and Oxygen into Electricity and water as a by-product. It can be integrated into small applications by using a small hydrogen storage module as the fuel source.



H2 Production

5ml per minute

O2 Production

2.5ml per minute


67.7 grams


1.65V, 0.5A

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Horizon Electrolyzer & Open Cathode Fuel Cell Bundle



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