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World Band - Short Wave Radio

World Band - Short Wave Radio


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This world band - short wave radio is a high quality radio receiver that is loaded with features. You can listen to your normal local radio broadcasts, but you also have a short wave receiver built in. It has short wave 1 , 2 & 3. So it covers the frequencies between 1,711kHz to 29,999kHz. In the right setting, you can pick up stations from all over the world if the conditions are right. With a super fine analogue tuner with large digital display assist, you can dial in the most sensitive of long range frequencies. You can even pick up long range AM stations at night in the right conditions. You also get the ability for the enthusiast to connect up external antennas to this radio for even better performance. It comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack and also a line input for media players. This is truly a great radio to have and use every day.


  • FM - 87.5-108.0MHz
  • MW(AM) - 522-1620kHz (9kHz); 520-1710kHz (10kHz)
  • SW - 1,711-10010kHz; 9,990-20,010kHz; 19,990-29,999kHz
  • Large back lit LCD
  • RF gain control
  • Bass & treble controls
  • Key lock
  • IF output
  • Line in and out
  • Earphone socket
  • Speaker 5W/4 ohms
  • Local/DX antenna switch
  • External antenna connection
  • Internal full range speaker
  • Mains or battery operated


SW Frequency Range


FM Frequency Range


MW(AM) Frequency Range


Disposable Battery Power

6 x D or 6 x AA (not included)

Plugpack Power

DC Plugpack Voltage: 9V AC Plugpack Voltage: 240V Suitable PSU Included


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Depth (mm)


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Out of Stock

World Band - Short Wave Radio



1 $169.00
4 $151.95
10 $134.95

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