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Portable CD Player with 60 sec Anti-Shock

Photo of a portable CD player with a sixty second anti-shock feature.


1 $59.95
3 $53.95
6 $47.95


This portable CD player does what you need it to do. Play CD's. With the introduction of bluetooth boombox units and active speakers to stream music from your phone, the old CD collection just sits there idle. Well put it to good use with this 60 second anti shock personal CD player. Compact and easy to use, this unit will easily hook up to most active speaker systems. Plug in your favorite pair of headphones, and you can listen to the sound of CD quality music again. Some car makers now don't even put a player in their vehicles anymore. So this would be the perfect idea to have on hand for those long trips.


  • 60-second Anti-skip Protection
  • Battery-powered
  • Earphones Included



2 x AA (not included)

Anti-shock Protection

60 secs


CD Player Weight (g)


Earphones Weight (g)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Depth (mm)


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Portable CD Player with 60 sec Anti-Shock



1 $59.95
3 $53.95
6 $47.95

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