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Laser Tag Toy Gun Set

Photo of a 2 pack of laser guns for tag battle.


1 $89.95


Use the Laser Tag Toy Gun Set to bring the battle to your backyard! These Laser Tag Guns are perfect for any domestic skirmish. In addition, with built-in infrared receivers to track hits, and multiple gun modes to use in combat, these guns will keep everyone active and moving around. Above all, these laser tag guns have 4 Game Modes – Single shot – Laser Gun – Machine Gun and Plasma Gun. Importantly, these Laser Tag Guns tracks Live Ammunition and come in two contrasting colors. Recommended for Ages 8+.


  • Sound Effects, Vibrations, and Lights
  • Life Indicator
  • Team Selector by Colour – Up to 4 Teams
  • 4 Gun Modes – Single shot – Laser Gun – Machine Gun – Plasma Gun
  • Tracks Lives and Ammunition and Allows for 3 Additional Lives
  • Interactive Voice Coach Gives Tips and Feedback During the Game
  • Cheating-prevention System Only Allows a Player from the Opposite Team to Revive an Eliminated Player
  • Rifle Design with 2 Colours per Box


Shooting Range

60 meters


4 x AA Batteries required per gun (Batteries not included)

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Laser Tag Toy Gun Set



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