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As per updated Government advice, the Alfredton store has reopened as of Thursday the 23rd of September.

While lockdowns remain, Melbourne residents and residents of regional locations currently under lockdown must not visit the store. Please instead order for delivery online or by email at

When visiting the store you will be required to show identification to staff to confirm you are not from an area under lockdown.


Photo of a Micro:Bit Go Development Board bundle designed by BBC.

The Micro:Bit is a pocket-sized computer, developed by the BBC! It is a fantastic learning tool, easily allowing students to learn how to code and understand how computers work.

A range of compatible programming tools make it easy for a students of all ages to learn to code.

Find a big range of teaching and learning resources on the Micro:Bit website:

We stock the updated Micro:Bit V2 which includes an in-built microphone and speaker, as well as increased RAM and Flash memory.

Get the Micro:Bit and all the accessories you need from Wiltronics!


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