New EdPy lesson plans & resources

Microbric have released a new set of progressive lesson plans for EdPy, the Edison programming language using Python. The full set of teaching resources includes student worksheets, a teacher guide, app documentation and an Australian Curriculum linking guide for Years 7-10.

You can download all of these resources here: EdPy Resources.

EdPy requires a V2.0 Edison or a V1 Edison robot with the latest firmware update which can be found here: Edison V1 firmware update.


6 tricks to keep your Edison robot in top-notch shape

1. In terms of batteries, Edison always checks the ingredients
Make sure you are using the correct batteries. For disposable batteries only use Alkaline batteries, or for rechargeable batteries only use nickel metal hydride (NiMH).

2. Edison, without you, is a bit of a dummy
Edison will only do as much as you instruct it to, so make sure you give exact instructions or Edison could end up driving into a wall!

3. Edison rocks out with the volume all the way up
Edison needs the volume on your programming device turned up all the way in order to ‘hear’ the program download. Often the audo will be lowered when an audio device is detected in the audio jack, so be sure to double check the volume is turned all the way up.

4. When it comes to sunlight, treat Edison like a vampire
It’s best to keep Edison out of direct sunlight as the light can bombard the robots sensors and it can fail to work properly.

5. Using line tracking? Edison plays chess rules
Always start Edison off on a white surface. Edison takes a reading of the reflective light against the surface it starts on equating this as the brightest thing it will see.

6. Edison can see invisible light (so long as it’s bouncing back)
Edison has an IR light detection system that it uses to detect obstacles, by checking if light is bounced back. Very dark objects (like those that are completely black) absorb most of the IR light, making it hard for Edison to detect them. Meanwhile transparent objects allow most of the light to pass though them, so no light is bounced back for Edison to detect. It is best to use opaque obstacles that are not too dark and at least as tall as Edison.

You can check out the full article here: 6 tricks to keep your Edison robot in top-notch shape.