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Raspbian with PIXEL

Raspbian with PIXEL (which stands for ‘Pi Improved Xwindow Environment, Lightweight’) is a huge software update to the desktop environment. It introduces a crisp new interface, and is brimming with new programs and features.

The biggest newcomer is Chromium Browser, which replaces Epiphany as the default web browser. Other new apps include RealVNC’s Viewer and Server, which allow you to control Raspberry Pi devices over a network, plus the recently released Sense HAT Emulator.

• New Chromium browser uses the Pi's hardware to accelerate video playback
• Slick new design - updated icons and user interface
• Easily toggle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on/off to manage power
• Improvements made to Scratch and Node-RED
• Includes Sense HAT emulator
• Pre-installed with plenty of productivity programs, including Adobe Flash Player

Approx. 1.4GB