You’re A Programmer

Learn even more about robotics by programming Edison yourself! Regardless of you experience level, you can program Edison using one of three free programming environments.

Resources including Lesson Plans, Teaching Guides, Worksheets and Australian Curriculum Linking Guides are available for each Programming Environment.

EdBlocks Programming Software

For beginners

Meet EdBlocks, the graphical drag-and-drop programming language for Edison! With a colourful interface and simple icon based system, EdBlocks is ideal for beginners and younger learners (7-12 years old). Over 150 code blocks make it easy to create a variety of programs incorporating drive options, sound outputs, timers and more. EdBlocks can be used with all V2.0 Edison robots, and any V1.0 robots that have the June 2017 firmware update.

EdBlocks was developed using the Scratch Blocks code base developed by the MIT Media Lab from the Blockly code base developed by Google.

EdBlocks Programming Interface

EdScratch Programming Software

For intermediate learners

Program your Edison robot with EdScratch. An easy to use, graphical programming environment. With large, easy to interpret icons, EdScratch is an ideal programming language for students aged 10 and up. As students gain confidence in coding, they can do even more by controlling inputs, manipulating data, and creating and utilising variables, making EdScratch a perfect platform to use Edison’s features in engaging, creative ways.

Version 1 Edison robots are still compatible with EdScratch, however there are a few limitations. Find out more here.

EdScratch Programming Interface

EdPy Programming Software

Program Edison with Python! EdPy software is designed for advanced learners, helping them learn text based programming concepts and gain superior control over Edison’s functionality.

With code examples and explanations, EdPy will help you teach higher programming concepts quickly and easily.

For advanced learners

V1 Edison robots require a firmware update to be compatible with EdPy. Enter the serial number on your V1 Edison robot in the Firmware Checker and follow the guide to update your Edison. V2.0 Edison robots are already compatible with EdPy.

With tutorial videos as well as student worksheets and guides, there’s plenty of resources to help you get started with EdPy. Check out the tutorial video below or join our mailing list to access Student Worksheets, the Teacher Guide, Australian Curriculum Linking Guide, and App documentation.


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