EdMat Activity Mats

The EdMat is an A1 size (59cm x 84cm) robot activity mat that can be printed at a local print shop. The EdMat has 6 barcodes that activate Edison’s pre-programmed features and a track for Edison to follow. The track can also be used for ‘bounce in borders’ and ‘sumo wrestling’.
The barcodes on the mats program the Edison robot to;

  • Sumo wrestle
  • Bounce in borders
  • Clap controlled driving
  • Line tracking
  • Avoid obstacles
  • Follow torch

There are two versions: colour and black and white. Please note that the printable resource is single sided, the double sided EdMats are only available as a purchase from Wiltronics.

EdMat in Colour
EdMat in Black and White

The Mats are available for purchase from Wiltronics (colour version), or you can follow the links below to download a copy of the PDF for printing.

EdMat Double-Sided Activity Mat – New! (Colour)

Product Code: RO-EDMAT-A1

Buy Edison ‘Edmat’ Double-Sided Activity Mat from Wiltronics

EdMat Double-Sided Activity Mat (Colour) – Tube of 5

Product Code: RO-EDMAT-A1-5

Buy Edison ‘Edmat’ Double-Sided Activity Mat – Tube of 5 from Wiltronics

EdMat Downloads

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