Meet Edison V2.0

Meet Edison an exciting new educational robotics system. Classroom ready with loads of free downloadable teacher resources.

Originally designed for the class room environment, Meet Edison also lends himself to becoming a fantastic educational toy that can also be used at home by a LEGO® enthusiast to turn their LEGO® into remote controlled or programmed creations. Edison utilizes the already common and wide ranging LEGO® platform to provide a small, user friendly bundle specially designed for introducing beginners to the wide and amazing world of robotics. Edison provides a pathway, stepping the beginner through multiple stages from simple controlling, to programming and then to building.

You’re a controller You’re a programmer – You’re a builder

If you would like to see what Edison can do CLICK on the video below, then head over to the Downloads page and grab one of the free resource books.

  • Affordable
  • Lego® Compatible
  • Programmable
  • Free Downloadable Resources
    • EdBooks – Free Learning Resources
    • Lesson Plans
    • Robot Programming Software

You’re a controller

Edison is a robot capable of many different functions. Simply print out some barcodes and drive him across them to activate a range of pre-programmed features.

Barcode programmable

Edison performs different functions based on the barcode he reads as he drives over it. Print out barcodes to turn Edison into a line tracker, remote control vehicle or even a sumo wrestler!

Clap controlled driving

Easy 3 button controlEdison robot buttons

Edison is super easy to control. To start a program press Triangle, to stop a program press Square and to read a barcode press Circle twice.

Clap controlled driving

Edison is equipped with a sound sensor and can detect loud sounds like clapping. The program listens for a loud sound like a clap and Edison responds by turning to his right. If you clap twice he drives forward and stops.

Obstacle avoidance

Edison can see in the ‘dark’ using invisible light to detect obstacles and avoid collisions. The program drives Edison forward, when an obstacle is detected he reverses and then turns on the spot away from the obstacle, then continues to drive.

Follow torchrobot light sensing

Edison loves light! He will drive towards the brightest light source even if it means falling off the table. Such is love! The program uses Edison’s light sensors and motors to follow a torch.

Line trackingrobot-linefollowing

Meet the holy grail of enthusiast robotics: line tracking. Line tracking is a very popular robotics activity as it’s fun to watch the robot go around and around a track. See how many people ask you “Is that line magnetic?” The program uses Edison’s line tracking sensor and motors to follow the edge of a black line.

Bounce in bordersBounce in lines

Ever heard of Dromophobia? Well, it’s a fear of crossing the street and we’re going to give a version of it to Edison! Cue evil laugh…Muahahaha!!! The program uses Edison’s line tracking sensor and motors to stop him from crossing a black line.

Sumo wrestleSumo

Bring on the robot wars! The program brings together bounce in borders to stay with in the ring and obstacle detection to hunt and find the opponent .

Remote control drivingremote-control-robot

So you really want to control your Edison!? Here’s your chance and you can do it with your TV remote control. This program allows Edison to learn the commands from your TV or DVD remote control.

Control Edison with your TV or DVD remote control!

Edison can scan a barcode that allows it to be controlled by most TV & DVD remote WEB_P-AXE040controls. Actions can be mapped to any button on the remote, such as:

  • Drive Forwards
  • Drive Backwards
  • Turn Right
  • Turn Left
  • Spin Right
  • Spin Left
  • Play Beep
  • Play Tune

Free downloadable resources

Check out our great range of Edison resources, which can be downloaded for free!  These include line mats, EdBooks with new barcodes and functions, the latest version of EdWare programming software and lesson plans.



You’re a programmer

For Beginners

EdBlocks Programming Interface

Edison is programmable using EdBlocks, a fully graphical drag-and-drop based programming language, perfect for beginners and young learners (7-12 years old). The colourful, intuitive interface keeps the program easy to follow and understand, and with over 150 code blocks there’ll be plenty of programming experiments to complete. EdBlocks is compatible with all V2.0 Edison robots and any V1.0 Edison robots that have the June 2017 firmware update.

EdBlocks was developed using the Scratch Blocks code base developed by the MIT Media Lab from the Blockly code base developed by Google.

For Intermediate Learners

Meet Edison can also be programmed using the free downloadable Edware software, an icon based graphical programming language. EdWare uses a drag-and-drop interface to create instructions, loops and logic for Edison.

EdWare software is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Raspberry Pi, plus iOS and Android operating systems. An online app is also available, as well as a version to install directly to Chrome. Thanks to this broad software compatibility and the 3.5mm audio jack data transfer interface, Edison can be programmed by almost any device you can think of. This makes it great for students who can easily use their home computer, tablet or phone to learn with Edison at home.

To get started take a look at the Free Downloadable Lesson Plans. These take the beginner through a highly professional step by step, hands on, guide to programming in 10 easy lessons.

For Advanced Learners

Edison is now programmable in Python! For advanced learners, EdPy will introduce learners to text based programming using one of the most popular introductory programming languages. EdPy maximises the potential of Edison’s wheel encoders and gives users superior control of Edison.

EdComm Cable

download cable
Programs are downloaded to Edison using the EdComm cable. The EdComm cable plugs into the computers headphone jack and carries a pulsed audio signal to a high efficiency led. The LED converts the pulsed audio signal into light that is received by Edison’s line tracker phototransistor and loads the program into the processor.


You’re a builder

Edison is LEGO® compatible, allowing you to combine and build on to Edison units to enhance their functionality. You can build all sorts of robots using Edison – the front-end loader below used the bottom Edison for driving while the top one controls the bucket tipper.


Your builder experience is only limited by your imagination. EdBook3 “You’re a Builder” is a free downloadable resource that includes builder projects to get you started.